Thursday, 28 June 2012

My First Quilling

A bunny, flower vase and a hot coffee mug.
I took the pattern from Google search and tried it with a quiller tool.

The base is a hand made card.

The pattern I downloaded from Internet. No need to trace it.
If you are in need of similar /  different patters contact with subject line Theepzcraftz

Happy Crafting and Living with Passion - With Love,
Pratheepa Sukumar :)

Straw Stand

Its really easy for kids to make a photo, stand using a straw.
Materials Required
- Straw that has a fold
- A photo of yours
- A paper cutter
- A base cardboard(if required - square or rectangle)

Make a cut along the side of straw on the part that faces up and the smaller side of the straw faces yo opposite direction.
Cut along the redline marked in the picture.

Do not cut it till the end if the size of photo is smaller than the size of straw.
And cut the straw fully even if the photo length is more than the straw
Now just insert your photo in the cut portion of the straw

You can stick the drawings of your kids and place it in the straw stand